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The Fringe PD Allyship Accelerator provides a framework and guided structure to help you “do the work” and do it well.

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This program creates change agents!

The Allyship Accelerator is open to all and is designed to increase awareness, empathy, and action on a broad spectrum. Allyship and identity will be discussed in an inclusive manner and will explore race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, disability and more. 

Additional information about the program can be found below. For more specific inquiries, reach out so we can speak with you about your specific individual or organizational goals.





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Our curated curriculum builds skills through coaching and facilitated discussions, as well as hands-on collaboration. Outside of the cohort meetings, participants take part in independent study and lifestyle audits which serve as opportunities to explore real-life and real-time solutions in members’ organizations and ecosystems. 






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    • I am nervous about sharing my experiences, are these cohorts confidential?
      • Confidentiality is key to the success of this program. Everyone in each cohort must agree to keep the sessions confidential.
    • I am an individual, can I ask my firm to reimburse me for this?
      • Absolutely! Many organizations provide reimbursements for programs like this. Get in touch with us and we can guide you through the process!
    • I am an administrator, how do I choose participants in my organization?
      • Depending on your membership level you can choose anywhere from 1-24 people! We know that can be overwhelming so we are happy to help you through the process. Let's chat so we can share more. 
    • How many people are in each cohort?
      • We intentionally keep these groups small! Each cohort will include anywhere from 8-15 people.
    • What if I can’t make a cohort date?
      • We understand that things come up so we will be recording each cohorts session. We ask that participants miss no more than one of the four module sessions.
    • Can I get CLE credit for this?
      • Our team is working as quickly as possible to get this course CLE credit! As soon as we have more information we will post that here. Check back for updates.
    • What is the benefit of a corporate membership?
      • In addition to a steep discount per person on enrollment, corporate members gain access to private content and  extra time with facilitators. Our corporate members also have the ability to schedule their participants into new cohort dates first!
    • What if we have fewer than 10 people but want a private cohort?
      • We  are happy to work with smaller teams to bring the Accelerator program to you. Reach out to us so we can discuss custom solutions!
    • What if I have more than 15 participants in my organization?
      • With more than 15 possible participants, you are a great candidate for corporate membership. Check out that option or schedule some time with us to learn more. 
    • When/how is payment due?
      • For individual participants, invoices will be provided once you have been assigned to a cohort. Corporate members and exclusive cohorts will be invoiced according to the terms of your agreement with Fringe PD. All payment can be remitted via, ACH, credit card, or check. 


Do you have more questions? Schedule a time to chat with us!